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  • ACR - Novus

    ACR – Novus

    £1,499.00 inc. Vat
    With it’s black glass front and gloss black ceramic top panel, the Novus creates a striking focal point. The large glass door is swept clean of deposits by the powerful airwash.

  • ACR - Oakdale

    ACR – Oakdale

    £995.00 inc. Vat
    The multifuel Oakdale stove has all of the charm of a traditional cast iron stove combined with the latest technology and features a powerful airwash system along with highly efficient controls. DEFRA approval means that the Oakdale can be used to burn wood in smoke controlled zones so whether you live in the town or the country, you can enjoy a crackling log fire.

  • ACR - Rowandale

    ACR – Rowandale

    £1,199.00 inc. Vat
    The Rowandale stove features a stunning panoramic door and is equipped with a powerful airwash to keep the glass clean and show off the fire to its fullest effect. A 5Kw output makes it suitable for many room sizes whilst DEFRA approval means you can now burn wood in smoke controlled areas.

  • ACR - Tenbury

    ACR – Tenbury

    £850.00 inc. Vat
    The Tenbury insert is the perfect solution for enjoying real stove ambience in a standard 16″ fireplace opening. Featuring attractive, contemporary styling and straightforward installation with it’s freefloating flue collar and convection outerbox.

  • ACR - Trinity1

    ACR – Trinity1

    £990.00 inc. Vat
    The Trinity 1 is a compact multifuel stove in the contemporary range with distinct square styling. The large glass panel is swept clean by a poweful airwash to give excellent views of the flames.

  • ACR - Trinity3

    ACR – Trinity3

    £1,050.00 inc. Vat
    The Trinity3 has distinct square styling and is a compact, contemporary stove with side glasses. The powerful airwash keeps the door glass panel clean to give great views of the fire.