Flueless Gas Fires

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  • Burley – Acumen

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    Designed for homes without a flue system the Burley Acumen is designed to give the effect of a modern hang on the wall living flame gas fire.

  • Eko5010 red

    eko – 5010

    £440.00 inc. Vat

    Designed for homes without a flue system the eko 5010 hang on the wall fire provides a perfect focal point for any room.

  • eko 5020

    eko – 5020

    £440.00 inc. Vat

    Designed for contemporary living. A stylish fire delivering an impressive heat performance you won’t want to live without. The eko 5020 is built on the popular 23m3 portrait platform.

  • eko 5030

    eko – 5030

    £440.00 inc. Vat

    The eko 5030 is  a sophisticated design, tailored to suit a more traditional living space. Featuring warming brass tones which frame the simple and tasteful flame picture. The 5030 has all the benefits of a 100% efficient flueless gas fire offering innovative design with no chimney or flue required.

  • Eko 5040

    eko – 5040

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    With its cool silver glass and anodised aluminium column’s the eko 5040 is a clear statement in minimalistic living. With its slim-line profile and translucent silhouette the intension is to effortlessly integrate the eko 5040 into your living space providing focus, without compromise.

  • eko 5050

    eko – 5050

    £440.00 inc. Vat

    The eko 5050 is designed to fit in a minimum room size of 23m3 (typically 10′ 1″ x 10′ 1″ with an 8′ high ceiling) and features the same specification of coloured frame as the versatile eko 5010. This revolutionary fire features a compact landscape design with stretched ultra-clean burner to ensure that the impact is even more dramatic than its portrait equivalent.

  • eko 5060

    eko – 5060

    £440.00 inc. Vat

    The eko 5060 is a superb fire demonstrating contemporary elegance, inspired beauty and an impressive high quality performance designed to complement a modern lifestyle. Based on the flexible 23m3 landscape platform the eko 5060 is the perfect solution to instant gas fire warmth.

  • eko 5070

    eko – 5070

    £540.00 inc. Vat

    The eko 5070 features crisp, clean lines reflecting  its simple modern aesthetics. The selective use of a monochromatic palette compliments any interior backdrop allowing the vibrant flames to become centre of attention.

  • eko 5090 granite

    eko – 5090

    £1,039.00 inc. Vat

    The enhanced proportions of this stylish fire create a beautiful panoramic view of the flames, while the natural stone fascias exude style and a natural glow. The eko 5090 has been designed to explore the finest natural stone materials, delivering a high end aesthetic that works equally in a contemporary, modern, traditional or classical décor.

  • eko – 5510

    £540.00 inc. Vat

    Designed for homes without a flue system the eko 5510 is designed to give the effect of a traditional living flame gas fire.

  • ESSE 39 Portrait

    ESSE – 39 Portrait

    £590.00 inc. Vat

    Picture this: it’s chilly outside; inside, this gorgeous upright gas fire is not just adding a touch of glamour to your home, but effortlessly providing 2.4 kW of instantly controllable warmth to every corner of your living space. This really is a fire designed to fit in perfectly, anywhere. 

  • ESSE 41 Landscape

    ESSE – 41 Landscape

    £796.00 inc. Vat

    At first glance, it may be hard to believe that this minor masterpiece of contemporary design has much in common with the cast-iron stoves we started building back in the days of Queen Victoria. But like every ESSE, our 41 Landscape model is beautifully built, technologically advanced and supremely functional – wherever you decide to hang it in your home.