Flueless Gas Fires

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  • ESSE 48 Landscape

    ESSE – 48 Landscape

    £1,049.00 inc. Vat

    Now things really start to warm up. Because this is the largest and most powerful wall-mounted gas fire, capable of providing a mighty 3.5 kW heat output – as well as a visually stunning
    focal-point – for your living space. Seen here in cool white glass, the 48 Landscape model oozes understated elegance, taking up very little space with its slimline profile, while being certain to make an enormous impact.

  • ESSE 48 Oval

    ESSE – 48 Oval

    £1,265.00 inc. Vat

    Allow the next gas fire you buy to take centre stage in the design of your living space. The Oval is our new ‘statement’ model, exceptionally powerful with a heat output of 3.5 kW, and even more potent visually: with its classic black glass surround, the Oval is simply the first thing that will draw the eye in any room that it adorns.

  • Burley – Environ

    Call for price

    Designed for homes without a flue system the Burley Environ is designed  to give the effect of a living flame gas fire.