Ethanol Firepits, Tables & Heaters

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  • ecosmart-ayre-3

    EcoSmart – Ayre

    £2,222.00 inc. Vat
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    The EcoSmart Ayre is sleek, low profile circular fire that lends itself to any seating arrangement, whether as a centrepiece or accompaniment. Generous warmth and inviting flame gathers people in and invites them to linger just a little longer.

    These …

  • ecosmart-base

    EcoSmart – Base

    £2,150.00 inc. Vat
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    Make Base your centre for relaxation and entertainment. This multi-function table gives you the best of both worlds – a coffee table and fire pit combined. Made from lightweight concrete composite and accented with your chosen decorative material, this contemporary …

  • gf-ecosmart-cyl

    EcoSmart – Cyl

    £1,250.00 inc. Vat
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    The EcoSmart Cyl is Simple but beautifully inspired cylindrical fire that creates a dramatic focal point when used as a key design feature of a garden or alfresco (even interior) space. Easily create cosy and inviting entertaining spaces year round. …

  • Ecosmart Glow 2

    EcoSmart – Glow

    £2,349.00 inc. Vat
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    Soft curves coupled with industrial materials create a modern centrepiece for outdoor entertaining. Powered by an AB8 ethanol burner, Glow delivers up to 12 hours of burning time. Perfect for illuminating an outdoor event or simply enriching a room’s ambience. …

  • gf-ecosmart-lighthouse-150

    EcoSmart – Lighthouse 150

    £750.00 inc. Vat
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    The most compact of the Lighthouse Series, the Lighthouse 150 is designed to create a benchtop design statement or to be the focal point of an entertaining or living area – outside or in. It might be small in stature, …

  • ecosmart lighthouse 300

    EcoSmart – Lighthouse 300

    £850.00 inc. Vat
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    Whether standing alongside its small and big brothers from the Lighthouse Series or as a standalone feature, the Lighthouse 300 provides year-round ambience and warmth. Its elegant lines and flickering flame behind toughened glass help bring a space to life. …

  • gf-ecosmart-mini-t

    EcoSmart – Mini T

    £1,250.00 inc. Vat
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    The ideal accoutrement for intimate gardens, alfresco dining settings, bars and restaurants. A simply but beautifully designed bio ethanol fireplace.Small in stature at just 462mm [18in] high, the freestanding, portable Mini T is the robust solution for illuminating spaces and …

  • EcoSmart Step Fire Pit

    EcoSmart – Step Fire Pit

    £1,942.00 inc. Vat
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    The Step’s slender body makes it ideal for nestling between a couple of lounge chairs, or on its own as a magnet to gather around for a few beverages. Concrete composite construction and classic colour options to choose from makes Step …

  • Wharf outdoor fireplace

    EcoSmart – Wharf

    £3,593.00 inc. Vat
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    Blending the simplicity of an outdoor fire pit with the functionality of a standalone table, EcoSmart’s Wharf fire table adds style and practicality to any architectural environment.

    Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces, the all-weather, earthy design evokes …